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here for your first year with PAPCA. With registration you will be sent our e-newsletters to stay informed. You will also get all other membership perks.

Regular Membership

1) Join NPCA (free) to stay informed of National Peace Corps Association happenings.
2) Then add PAPCA (Philly) for $10 as an affiliate.


​Please email us for how to simply join PAPCA, not NPCA. $10 fee still applies.

How do I Become a PAPCA MEMber?

​​​​​Philadelphia Area Peace Corps Association

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What are the benefits to becoming a member?

As a member, you get access to our quarterly book club, free admission to PAPCA’s summer picnic and holiday potluck, as well as a vote in our collective giving charity and board elections.

Where does my $10 go?

Your Board members donate their time, but the group has to pay for email service, website service, facility rentals, and supplies for events. We also donate money every year from these funds to a worthy group through our Collective Giving program.

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