Thanks to all of you who nominated and voted for organizations as part of PAPCA's  Collective Giving program in 2017. Read about the winning organization below:

Success with Girls on the RUN!

Update on Last Year's Winner: Girls Gotta Run Foundation (GGRF)

Thank you, PAPCA, for selecting GGRF as your Collective Giving recipient for 2017. Your kind donation of $842.69 made a big impact in the lives of the girls and families we work with in Bekoji, Ethiopia. The funding you provided was enough to sponsor the full participation of one girl and her family in our Athletic Scholarship Program, as well as contribute to the overall programming in Bekoji. Thanks to your support, Surkalem Figure (pictured with her mom at the market) was able to complete 7th grade in 2017 and participate in the GGRF Program. Surkalem received the following in 2017:

-Full scholarship to attend secondary school, including healthcare for student and her mom, daily meals, uniform, books, tutoring, access to school clubs and library, showers and space to wash clothes on the weekend.
-Completion of the GGRF/Center for Creative Leadership Life Skills Curriculum developed to create safe spaces for girls and provide experiential learning modules on family planning, financial literacy, HIV/AIDS awareness, nutrition, healthy relationships, leadership, and creative expression.
-Running clothes, shoes and healthy snacks for the year
-Entrance and transportation to Ethiopian races throughout the year
-Oversight of a coach and running mentor
-Oversight of a female life skills mentor

Sarkalem's mother also participated in our Mothers' Savings and Entrepreneurship Group, where she received a 5-day business training and financial literacy course. She is now part of the Mothers' Savings Group, which meets every week to save their money and discuss how to invest it in their small businesses. She continues to receive the oversight of our Program Manager and Savings Group Facilitator to ensure that she has the guidance needed to invest her funding in her business and see the returns she needs to build a financially resilient future for herself and her family.

Thanks to your investment, Surkalem has completed a higher level of education, avoided early marriage, completed the GGRF life skills curriculum, developed a network of peers, and is on the path to higher education. Surkalem's family has begun to lay the foundation for greater financial success in the future and has a group of women to work alongside.

Thank you again for your kind donation and for selecting GGRF as your PAPCA Collective Giving recipient. We greatly appreciate your support!

Kayla Nolan, Director 

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Collective Giving 2017

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And the winner of this year's Collective Giving Campaign is...

PAPCA is thrilled to announce this year's Collective Giving winner:

The Kothiary Resource Center in

Kothiary, Senegal! 

Kothiary is a special place that has thousands of Pulaars, Mande, and Wolof people who live together in this melting pot of a town. Mme. Salamata Diao and M. Amadou Diallo noticed a need for a private school where students could come and take private classes to catch up their schooling if they failed or fell behind and couldn’t attend due to financial reasons. This school has several teachers that volunteer and teach daily. Helping young people get off the streets and go back to school to get an education was a priority. Now they want to expand their school even further by opening a Kothiary’s FIRST EVER Resource Center for local youth to learn about computers and use the internet for their studies. They wish to educate the students how to use a computer, conduct basic research, and teach them different software applications such as Duolingo, (an application for students to use to study different languages online.)