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Thanks to all of you who nominated and voted for organizations as part of PAPCA's Inaugural Collective Giving program in 2016. Read about the winning organization below:

Success in Kapiri!

Success in Kapiri Success provides an integrated primary school education for "traditional" fee-paying students and scholarship students who have disabilities, have been orphaned, or face ability-to-pay issues. Success recently finished construction of its first school block for Standard 1 and 2 students. Funding will be used for educational supplies and a feeding program which will provide a nutritious breakfast to students who often come to school with no food. Success in Kapiri is truly a grassroots-oriented program and is the only of its kind to meet the educational needs of children with special disabilities by providing scholarships for their education. A Philadelphia-area RPCV served in Kapiri, Malawi, and this project is being overseen by the PCV who replaced her. This RPCV worked firsthand with Harry Nkhoma, the school founder and someone who also has a physical disability. She says, Harry's "vision and passion for education for everyone in Malawi, particularly kids with special needs, is truly inspiring." More information here: 

April 2017 Update from our contact at Success in Kapiri:

The school opened in September, 2016. PAPCA's donation went toward teaching supplies at the school.  Although the school is working toward sustainability of operating costs, we're still in "start-up" mode. We want to make sure we strike the right balance between community cash contributions (in the form of school fees), in-kind contributions (in labor, bricks, trees, etc.) and community capital contributions (for example, the local TA just agreed to build new sanitary structures for the students).  In the meantime, we want our teachers to have all the tools they need, like chalk, erasers, flip charts, and markers, so that the students can learn as effectively and seamlessly as possible.

During my recent visit in late March / early April, I saw first-hand how hard the teachers are working, how well the students are learning, and how great the community involvement is. Stay tuned for hundreds more photos and videos showing the impact and enthusiasm in the community!

Collective Giving

And the winner of this year's Collective Giving Campaign is...

The winner of the 2017 Collective Giving Campaign is Girls Gotta Run (Ethiopia)! Nearly 30 PAPCA members and friends came together to donate a total of $785, which will enable the organization to continue its meaningful work empowering female athletes to achieve their educational, athletic, and individual goals. Thanks to all of you who nominated organizations, donated, attended Quizzo, and helped spread the word!

Collective Giving 2016

GGR invests in girls who use running and education to empower themselves and their communities. In a country where child marriage is still a serious issue and access to education and other opportunities is limited, especially for girls, GGR provides much needed support that promotes and encourages healthy choices and inspires hope for a better, brighter future in the girls it serves. Most importantly, GGR focuses on encouraging a holistic approach to female development that emphasizes education, thus empowering girls to the greatest possible degree. Philadelphia-area RPCV Joseph Whelan worked closely with the organization's director on a number of projects and can attest that every single cent will go directly to the girls in Bekoji and Sodo who are part of the project. He was able to experience firsthand the matured and growing impact of GGR on the Bekoji community when he returned last year. He says, "They are a grassroots organization putting forth maximum effort on less-than-sufficient resources, and this grant would go a very, very long way in supporting their mission and bettering the lives of young Ethiopian girls." 

If you know of a great project or organization that you'd like PAPCA to support, keep an eye out for nominations next year.