How do I help the vulnerable and impoverished in Philly?

Fill out this form to express interest in helping SEAMAAC with packing, delivering, and making calls during COVID-19 to service impoverished elderly immigrants. They are practicing social distancing, but yes there is some risk involved. They are especially needing help from people with cars, or the following language skills: Vietnamese, Laotian, Burmese - Chin, Burmese, Nepali, Mandarin, but otherwise we can still be helpful with packing boxes at a distance. More details will be emailed to you next week.

Give Time

Sign up for for PAPCA's Buddy System, where you will be matched with a PCV evacuee in the Philly area to listen to them and be there for them as they abruptly adjust back to being stateside. These interactions will be virtual during their quarantine and until the COVID-19 virus has passed. This link is for PCV evacuees too!

CoVID-19 Response

contact PAPCA at


NPCA’s New Action to Congress: Protect Peace Corps and Support Evacuees

While congress considers further legislation to address the growing coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative that the needs of Peace Corps - and its approximately 7,000 evacuated volunteers - are also taken into account. Please consider contacting your representative to advocate for pressing needs. Please click here to modify a template to email your local congress rep.

Philadelphia Area Peace Corps Association

Give Money

To NPCA's Benevolence fund where returned volunteers can apply for assistance if needed.