Volunteer at a Local Food Distribution Site

​Here is a link to all in Philly. ​

CoVID-19 Response For EPCVs

CoVID-19 Response In Philly

​​​​​Philadelphia Area Peace Corps Association

RPCV Initiative - Meal Train

Meal Train for Pennsylvania Hospital Emergency Department -
Click here.

You can donate funds to the ER staff at Pennsylvania Hospital so they can order directly from local restaurants. Any amount is appreciated.

​Contact us at phillyrpcv@gmail.com.

Give Time

Sign up for for PAPCA's Buddy System, where you will be matched with a PCV evacuee in the Philly area to listen to them and be there for them as they abruptly adjust back to being stateside. These interactions will be virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic. This link is also for EPCVs to sign up!

Give Money

To NPCA's Benevolence fund where returned volunteers can apply for assistance if needed.